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Our Biodegradable Utensils

Eco-Friendly Utensils

Biodegradable utensils, made from renewable resources like plant starches and bamboo, offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. They break down naturally and quickly, reducing plastic waste and its negative environmental impact. These utensils conserve resources, reduce carbon emissions, and are favored by eco-conscious individuals and businesses aiming for a greener future.

The use of biodegradable utensils not only helps mitigate pollution but also conserves natural resources. By opting for utensils made from sustainable materials, we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, which are used in the production of traditional plastic cutlery. Biodegradable utensils also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions associated with plastic manufacturing processes.

Best Selling Products

Disposable Items

Convenience meets sustainability with our disposable items. Embrace practicality while reducing environmental impact.


Choose a greener lifestyle with our eco-friendly items, making a positive impact on the planet.

Cleaning Items

Experience cleanliness at its finest with our exceptional range of high-quality cleaning items.

Bundle Offers

Home Care
Essentials Pack

This exclusive bundle includes 9 premium liquid cleaners tailored for dishes, clothes, floors, and more. Keep your living space sparkling clean and maintain a hygienic environment effortlessly with this essential home care kit. 

Office Care
Essentials Pack

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Latest Products

Choose Sustainability, Embrace Biodegradability

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Shewaramani was a savior for us this Diwali. They assisted us with our urgent need for materials for same-day. The order was delivered within 2 hours in the peak festive season.
Anamika Arun
Happy Customer
Shewaramani team has helped us for provisioning all the consumables for our office at a very reasonable price. Their services are very effective, efficient & always available.
Beenish Haider
Lex Consortia Legal Consultancy | MD
Being a small scale business, we often find it difficult to strike the right balance between good looking and pocket friendly packaging, and at Shewaramani Plastic we found that!
Insiya Kapadia
Muma's Momo's Owner
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